So it's not just me! How about that Jim Carrey video?

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    First of all hello and a happy beautiful new year to all!

    I didn’t know this website or company existed (much less knew that their offices are 10 minutes from my house!)
    I just wanted to say something about the Jim Carrey video and share a similar experience.

    About 4 years ago I discovered Esther/Abraham Hicks and their law of attraction workshops. At the time I was not working so during my days, while I was folding clothes or tending to the house I listened to her recordings.

    One day I happened to walk over to the computer where the video was playing from and as I looked up from the computer I felt… Different. It was so strange.

    I was walking around the house in this state of euphoria almost to the point where I wondered if I had made a bad batch of coffee, perhaps secretly laced with opium,or maybe my ex sprinkled pot in my cheerios that morning. (we still lived together)
    The feeling was THAT beautiful.

    I was happy, joyous, in a constant state of loving emotional ecstasy. I saw beauty in everything and everyone. People reacted to me differently like they were at ease when I interacted with them. I felt so good I wanted everyone to feel this way. I wanted to share it and see people happy.

    I noticed birds and animals unlike I ever experienced before. I saw two peacocks. Like in the street. In Miami. Weird huh?

    This lasted for THREE MONTHS. I would wake up in the morning and ask myself, is the feeling still there? Yes! It was!
    And then one morning I woke up and it was gone. I went through a state of grieving as if I lost my best friend.

    So, just like Mr. Carrey, I have spent the last four years chasing that feeling. And I get fleeting moments of high vibration good feelings here and there but never like it was before. I even went on I don’t know how many sites asking if anyone had experienced anything similar and not one person responded on any of the forums I posted on. (it could also be that believe it or not I tend to write a lot and people see all my words and say nope. Too long, no thanks.?)

    Anyhow, now I am not working again at the moment and I have decided to make the best out of a bad situation and really start focusing and searching for my joy again. I hope I find it. I hope Mr. Carrey found it too.

    I apologize for my long novel but if you stuck around to read it thanks! I feel good that another person experienced this and also that I shared my story.

    I hope you have a wonderful 2016 and you all find your way to joy.
    Love and light to everyone!


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    I was just looking through and found your post. I’m sorry no one responded earlier as we are generally friendly and welcoming here. I love that Jim Carry video also.

    I’ve reached those states and it’s beautiful when it happens. Everything seems to flow together. When you need something, it’s there. People sense what you are going through and ride along with you on the wave. It’s as if it’s all being organized by some awesome force. Then life shows back up and we somehow get blinded to it again.

    The joy is still there. Have you tried meditation? I’ve found that to be a great path. It helps me get the garbage off and once again realize who I am, who we are all deep inside. Keep sharing! You have a lot to offer to everyone.


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    Lol don’t worry girl. You are not the only one that writes full paragraphs. Luckilly i haven’t done so yet. Thanks for sharing with us. That peace hasnt gone anywhere it’s still with you, just tapered down a little bit. Im glad you got to experience those few months of excess joy, not many people do.

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