sistet lying after moms death and won't give no info

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    My sister and her husband went from just getting by income wise with average house for a small town to living the high life within a year or two after my moms death, while I struggle as a single parent on my own and they don’t seem to mind. I know they are lying that my mom had no will or anything and everything in my heart tellls me they inherited money in some way and I need to know in what way they did


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    Not seeing a will, but I do sense they got a hold of assets and went liquid. This is something good for a PI if you really want to get the bottom of it. Also, time for attorney involvement.


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    I also sense no will, but I do sense an object of great value. I sense that it wasn’t supposed to be taken. I also sense that you taking the right action, (like the woman above me said, PI, then an attourney or both) will bring you closure and strength and that you will have the best outcome in the end from all of this. I hope this helped you, and wish you peace, and happiness going through this tough time.

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