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    Hello all,
    Here,i need some sort of urgent psychic advice.pls help me.It is related to my relationship.
    I met a person through a matrimonial site.We chatted for around 7 months as friends,but had a liking for each other.He initially told his family may not approve bcoz of community related things,So i too told maybe I don’t like orthodox family.But we continued our chats,shared likes,interests.Actually i liked him and waited for him to come online.I felt same from him too.I used to encourage him to find someone even though I liked him.Oncr indirectly he proposed me.Due to my lack of tact i took that as joke or i expected he would do that again.I regretted later on still hiding my interest.I saw a dream before started chating with him,like he is my husband,but some another thing of that dream came true.
    After he proposed also I saw 3 dreams like he is marrying me,another he is telling I’m his partner.
    But all of a sudden he told his marriage is almost set.I went blank.I thought his family n all may have liked that so what is the point in going behind again.Sometimes i thought that is a lie.Last week he told he is engaged.I realized only after he told almost set that I loved him a lot n miss him.Now i could not able to forget him.There were some numerological signs like 111,1111,222 when I think about him or like that.I prayed to help me able to forget him.Whenever he message me,i feel so energetic,again starts something.Even if I block him I can’t get over the regret of responding properly then.
    Even today I saw a dream he giving me a surprise.
    Is he coming back to me?The thing is no one is getting into my mind from matrimony sites.Im already 29 and I’m high time to enter ti wedlock.
    Anyone pls help me.Is there any sign that I can expect him back.Or else how could I put him out of my heart????


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    Release the soul tie. When it is broken he can either return or not but you are free. 29 is still young. Don’t give off desperate vibe either

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