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    I recently broke up with a guy I’ve been seeing long distance for the last 5 months. My first name is Athena (birthdate 8/7/78), his name is Rob( 3/24/76). I had been feeling as though he were losing interest, and tried to express that maybe I was pursuing the relationship harder, and I didn’t want to overwhelm him if he needed space. He said things were fine, but things still felt like they were declining. We got into a big fight earlier this week, and after I sent him a message to explain how I felt, but the overall tone of the message was for us to get back to being friends. He wrote back sincerely, but it seemed as though he were willing to go along with just being friends. I wrote him back and let him know I still did love him. I just want to know if I should hold out hope or not. I really felt connected to him in the beginning and I care for him tremendously. Thanks for reading, and for any advice you may have to offer 🙂


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    Although the long distance relationship had been working for several months, how much do you really know about this guy? You had sensed that things weren’t as they had been, although he was saying that everything was fine?

    Then came the argument. I sense that he might have done something to provoke it? You have been very honest about your feelings. He is now saying that he wants to remain friends? I am sorry, but I sense that he might have been hiding something all along. Perhaps he is otherwise involved and is now afraid of being discovered?

    It might be best if you allow him to make the next move. You deserve someone who you can count on. I am truly sorry that you are hurting, but it is better to learn of any potential problems early on in the relationship.

    Please keep in touch to let us know how you are doing–

    Take care,

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