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    Can you tell me if my gramps is around & What is his advise for me.


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    Hello, Kmorris, Thank you for your question. I have training as a medium. I also believe I was a medium in a past life.
    Archangel Duma steps forward to assist in connecting through the rainbow bridge. As I connect with your energy, I feel your sweet spirit, and I feel your loss for Gramps. The connection between grandparent and grandchild is a special bond. I feel his pride in saying, “I’m her grandfather!” He was proud of you, and loved you deeply.
    As I ask Gramps if he has a message for you, a tall man in khaki pants shows up. He is holding a pet. He is stroking this small pet. A dog I believe it is. I see him playing fetch with his dog. He smiles as he sees your car drive up. His heart skips beat as his love for you swells his heart.
    I ask Gramps if he has a message for you. He says, “Live long and multiply”, and he starts laughing. He gets serious and he lowers his voice. He says he wants you to be happy. Have many children. Do the things that please you. Do not let a man ruin your life. Take action where action is needed. Be decisive. “I always was!” says Gramps.
    Gramps likes to joke! He says, “Wear your petticoats!” What he really means, is don’t have sex with one who doesn’t deserve you. He is saying keep your panties on!
    He says he sends you a bear hug. He remembers hugging you as a child, and holding you as a baby. You gave his life meaning and purpose. You were the light in his heart.
    He turns his back and walks with a child holding a blanket. Did he lose a child?
    One last bit of wisdom…Archangel Duma asks that you sit in silence. Think of nothing, just sit. Pay attention to your words and the words of others as they apply to this situation. Often words interfere with the truth that is seeking expression. Begin to listen more.

    In spirit and in love, Melinda

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