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    Does anyone have any information or views on the ability to astral project through repetitive moment or mantras? Not lucid dreaming, however, transcending into a mediative state through repetitive movement?/breathing
    Is there a possibility that repetitive movements/dance help to send messages to someone/visit someone in a different dimension? If anyone has any idea what I’m trying to say, or anything relatable please let me know ๐Ÿ™‚


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      I’d say that many repetitive actions “can be” used to shift your awareness into deeper levels, where abilities such as astral projection become more possible. You see this in multiple cultures, Tibetan monks drum a lot, the Catholics have their rosary beads, the list goes on.

      When you do the same thing, over and over, to an obsessed degree, this breaks your pattern of functioning. And when you break patterns like this, your spiritual awareness increases.

      But, as an avid projector myself, I’d say it would be tricky to pull astral travel off while dancing. For one, you have too much attention anchored to your body (because you are using it). Of course, maybe someone is able to accomplish this type of thing, but I’ve never heard of it (and I’ve known a lot of people who have the ability to astral travel).

      There a series of steps most people have to go through to project. You have to get your body really still and comfortable. It helps if you are able to sense and control energy flows in your body. Many people will run energy up and down the body for a bit, which will tend to start shifting your awareness into another dimension. But you’ve got to be able to feel it, and control it.

      It also helps if you are aware of your chakras. It helps to overload the pineal and crown chakra, with a major amount if energy, over and over.

      Then you start loosening up your etheric body. Start wiggling your etheric fingers, then work up from there. Rolling your etheric body back and fourth (while your physical body stays absolutely still) helps a lot of people. Sometimes, you can just roll out and that’s it. Sometimes, you might get picked up and thrown out.

      It’s really not that difficult of a thing to accomplish. There are methods, and methods that work.

      Most people get caught up in the emotional junk. This experience will scare the crap out of the average person. This is why it’s helpful to toughen yourself up. It seems like a fun experience, until you are actually there. Just the experience of coming out itself can be traumatic, not to mention what happens after you get out (spiritual entities, roaring train sounds, seeing deceased loved ones, etc).

      I believe most people project on a regular basis. Has you body every “jerked” as you were drifting off to sleep? Then you wake up, and you can’t remember what happened? There you go!

      Most people encounter this, but they block out the astral experience like a child blocks out childhood trauma. Why? Simple – most people just don’t have the toleration level for these types of things. It’s too much.

      Of course, with proper training and experience, these challenges can be resolved. We have training here (Life Mastery Program) or you might be able to find it elsewhere. The big thing to work on is getting control over your emotions, so things don’t freak you out. You have to get to where you don’t react in shock.

      Astral experiences are powerful life-changing events. You can fly, travel at light speeds, communicate with beings in other dimensions, visit other people who have this ability, and so much more.

      As you get use to it, you essentially become immortal. When you project, you are going to the same place you go when you die. So if you get what it’s about, you are no longer fearing the unknown.

      These experiences can also have a huge impact in how you live in your day to day life. When you come back, you bring that spiritual awareness back with you. It permeates into who you are throughout the day. I encourage you to keep going!

      Hope this helps!

      - Dale Sellers

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