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    My name is Alexandra born March 22 1997 I’ve been with my girlfriend Katerine for 2 years she was born September 5th 1997 she recently went to Arizona for 2 weeks alone and when she came back I found messages of her cheating ? She promises and swears she did not cheat or see anyone I feel sick I don’t know what to believe cuz I caught her in a lie so did she cheat on me with a guy or girl ? Did she have sexual relationship with them ? Is she confused about me and this other person? Does she still talk to them ? What is she hiding from me and what is she thinking about I left my family in California to live with her and her family in Arizona and all I want is truth so I can leave instead of getting heartbroken help me I’m desprite


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    I don’t like answering cheating questions personally, but I don’t get a sense she is honest with you either way on many different levels. I do get a lot of selfishness when I focus on her. You can try to make it work, but I’d watch out. Sometimes it’s better to be lonely than broken.

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