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    My ex and I have been apart for 4 months now. I miss her dearly. We havent had any communication in a month or so. She has already started a rebound relationship with someone else. I felt like she and I were soulmates and we were very happy most of the time. Unfortunatly an ex of hers came back into the picture after 18 years and they are now together. I was wondering if you saw she and I getting back together? Ive had a few readings done where i have been told that we would, and i just wanted to get everyone elses thoughts.

    Thanks!! 🙂


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    It seems that she felt compelled to rekindle this old relationship. What she did not realize that after 18 years, people change. She is likely to learn that this rekindled relationship is not all she thought it would be. It is likely that she planned to get together with him even before your relationship with her ended.

    I sense that there might be a chance that you could get back together with her, but are you certain that you could trust her again? If your relationship was on solid ground, it is likely that she was looking for adventure in the rekindled relationship with her ex. With rekindled relationships often problems that existed previously will again resurface. This could also be the situation if you were to get back together with her.

    Before you are willing to take her back, you should first have an honest discussion to try to determine what caused her to go back to her ex. This is not fair to you. Please take some time for yourself, to find an outlet for things that will make you happy. It is difficult to realize right now, but this situation has taken a toll on your self esteem. You may realize in time that you are truly happier with her gone–

    Take care!

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