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    My boyfriend was distant for about a week, he told me on Thursday he didn’t know how he felt about me. One day later he was in bed with someone and they spent the weekend together.
    He is helping me to see my family (giving me money) and he is letting my daughter borrow his car for the summer.
    I have been so hurt I have not been able to function very well.
    I figure he is just easing his guilt. One week ago he was celebrating my daughters graduation now he is sleeping with a stranger (well to me)
    So, my question is why did this happen and is it best that he never come back? does he even want to?

    Thank you



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    He is obviously a person who weaves his web– causing you to rely on him only to turn and pull the rug out from under you. Since you know that he has moved on to someone else, you should not allow him to come back. I realize that this is a painful revelation, but you must be strong and not accept any help from him. It would be best if your daughter did not use his car this summer. He is not someone who can be trusted.

    You deserve someone who will treat you with respect. If you allowed him to come back, what guarantee would you have that he wouldn’t do the same thing again? I really don’t feel that you could ever trust him again.

    Take care–

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