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    Hi everyone!

    After exploring a bit decided to stop in and say hi. I am looking forward to interacting with like minded individuals, learning new things, and just having a good time.

    Much love and blessing,


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      - Dale Sellers


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      Hi. I found this site because, for lack of a better word, I am starving for knowledge! I grew up in a Christian home where anything to do with psychic ability, spiritualism, or anything else not specifically mentioned in the Bible was considered “evil”. I always felt different from my family in that I was always so open minded. I always felt that there was so much more that I could learn and grow from. Once I hit my forties (yes, kind of late) I really began searching in earnest. I just want to learn and grow and I am so excited to find a place to do that. I just look forward to open conversations and being able to ask questions without fear of certain reactions. I have experienced SO MANY things in my life that I never felt comfortable in sharing and I am hoping this will be the place to share, grow, and enjoy. So looking forward to it!


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      Elizabethlee, I guess your post got missed so I wanted to say welcome!

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