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    My name is Aliyah. My birthday is 19th March 1988 and I am 22. I would like to know what will be my future husband’s name and when will we meet? When will we get married? How many children will we have and will we be wealthy? Will we love each other a lot and stay together or will we divorce or separate? Will my husband be bothered by or about my ex-boyfriend? Will we live in a large house of our own or with parents? Will we live in Trinidad and Tobago or will we migrate? Will my husband be a doctor like I will be? What will he look like and how tall will he be? Where does he currently live? Will either of us have extra marital affairs? Does he come from a large family or a family that might meddle? Will he be a good, dedicated and loving parent and husband? What will he be like in terms of his personality? How old is he now? When is his birthday? I would also like to know if my deceased father has any messages he would like to tell me. If you can answer some or all of these questions I would be very grateful. Thank you and I will appreciate your effort very much.


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    Again, there are just too many questions to focus on. I do sense that if your deceased father has a message for you that he will find a way to show you–

    Hope this helps!

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