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    Hi, I feel like America is treading on a very thin line, inclined toward it’s destruction. What do you think about our president going against Israel, when the Bible speaks about a Nation that Blesses Israel will Be Blessed and a nation that curses Israel will be cursed. I’m just curious what comes up in your spirit. Please try to address all of what I’ve spoken of above, I truely appreciate any and all respones. Thank You, 4countryangel


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      4countryangel – thought I would chime in. At different times, we have run teams of remote viewers who have psychically tracked upcoming changes in the US. Every session consisted of what we refer to as “blind runs,” which is where none of the participants actually knew what the psychic target was until after all the psychic insights about the target are shared (on paper). All sessions were conducted in controlled environments with an emphasis towards avoiding pre-conditioning (to avoid any preconceived ideas during sessions).

      Much of the probable future that we picked up in the US was shocking. We saw wars over resources (much more than now), wide spread food shortages in the US, major riots for a consistent period of time, more class division, and other cheerful insights. Many of our target sessions were set between 2020-2030.

      There were also details about a shift more towards spiritually, more community based economies , and less reliance on industrialization. While the future is still uncertain, much of what we discovered through these sessions was eye opening. Many of our participants were left distraught. Never put too much attention on the Israel thing. Just thought I would share. I can go into more details if anyone has an interest.

      - Dale Sellers


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      Hi Dale,
      I’m interested in knowing more about the details of this!

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