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    Good evening,
    So I decided to subscribe to the free online psychic development course. Primarily because I want a better understanding and ect. The exercises have been very enlightening and thought provoking.
    This was my first time utilizing it . I sat on the floor with my palms facing towards the ceiling.
    I know it’s cliché but I do it because I can feel the energy whirling in my hands.
    I guess the significance there is if I don’t feel the energy it’s not working. Don’t ask me to elaborate because I don’t know much about this energy.
    If I’m deep in meditation I can feel energy from my third eye chakra. It feels like a sea current on top of my forehead or a whirling sensation or a push and pull . Sometimes all 3 .
    When I did the exercise with the white screen I tried to imagine colors for the yes and no answers. The energy was also going in my hands.
    I couldn’t bring the colors to the screen
    But yes and no answers would pop up .
    I’m just not sure if it was valid or the answers I wanted but yes popped up immediately.
    I tried to change to colors and I noticed it contradicted my yes no answers.

    I’m not sure, I don’t know if my mind is making this up.
    I have no idea how to read my energy except when people are around me (barely).
    I feel like I have something that’s useful I just don’t know what to do with it or how to read it.
    Thanks for listening


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    Do you have a question about this?


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    Your mind isn’t making it up problablu, but remember that your mind controls energy (literally, you just need to think and the energy responds, even if you can’t see it) so you are not imagining it! It’s great that you can feel it though – clearly your senses are developing!
    Much love and light to you

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