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      Dear beautiful friends,
      I’m praying someone out there can find it in there heart to possibly bless me with a reading. Your time would be extremely appreciated. I can’t put the right words to decide just how grateful I would be. As right now I’m sure I’m not the only one but times are dark for me, and I’m so lost. My heart is hurting more than I lead others to believe. From the time I can remember till now I’ve always felt out of place, almost like I was a mistake and don’t belong here. From my family, friends, relationships, loved ones, etc. I honestly don’t think I’ve ever truly been loved by anyone’s path I’ve crossed. I have always seemed to be a burden,and unwanted. Those who had a need for me to use me for something, they got what they wanted and got rid of me as if I was nothing. I don’t feel I’m better than anyone. But I’m very different from the rest. I love way too deep. Its like I feel pain from even strangers. I can’t seem to say no, and each situation always ends the same, me broken, hurt, and alone. Why can’t I be normal like others? Why can’t I walk away an not care,or be selfish. Sometimes I wish I could be like others, bc I don’t want to care, or love so deep. I can’t force myself to not be me. If anyone feels any type of connection, vibes,ect I would be so appreciated. More than anything I want to just be happy, and loved for me. Or how bout just be treated like I matter and get treated the way I respect and treat others in return. For many years I questioned my existence and my purpose for life. I didn’t think I was meant or worthy enough for this earth. After all the struggles, and pain, and hurt. I now know I have a reason for being here. God has a purpose and a plan for me. I’m working to figure exactly what that is. But I know this bc I’ve lived through the worst, made it through the storm, stood alone, me against the world. Here I still stand if I wasn’t meant to be my higher power wouldn’t allow me to still stand here to fight for what I believe and deserve. I have a kind loving soul, been through and seen things that no human should ever have to see let alone go through and I made it. I’ve been given strength, and love and one day I believe I’ll be lead to my reason and purpose. My date of birth is 07/21/1987 birth Time is 230 am and location of birth is columbus ohio. Hope this helps in anyway possibly. If you have any questions plz feel free to ask. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you kindly, love always your friend,
      Elizabeth smith!!!


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        Important numbers for you are: 10, 9,5. In the style of numerology that I trained in, your birth name, date, and location total up to the Master Soul Code 6.
        The attributes of your soul are:
        You are a unified masculine/feminine energy. You are nurturing, patient, compassionate, creative and strong-willed, decisive, and analytical at the same time. Many people are attracted to you for this reason.
        You are a sweet, gentle soul. You are living your life’s purpose. You love God, you love and serve others.
        To get to where you want to be, it has been a long journey. Doing some back tracking, and sometimes having regrets. You never forgot your soul’s purpose…to love God and to serve others with love and compassion.
        The code of six (6) is about unification and ignition. You seek as you go along life’s journey. The energy of the six carries powerful birthing alignment if you take the steps to come out of the womb. The Universe always supports our choices. Ignite you soul’s purpose, and accept you have walked a long journey to find your true self. Yet, there is the recognition that you always knew yourself.
        Your master soul code crystal is the Libyan Space glass or leumerian golden healer. Each of these stone carries energies of regeneration/rebirth and unification. They assist with traveling through the Merkabah and stabilizing your alignments.
        Also important for you are the following crystals:
        10-fluorite, any color or mix. Dance with the rainbow of allness and harness the many aspects of infinite creativity. Allow these stone to dance in your hands and evoke the greater ability to trust your journey.
        9-Clear Quartz is always wonderful to have around. You are a great being of crystalline light and the facets of clear quartz remind you of this gift. Learn to discern the messages by gently connecting with the man faces are you transform your physical being effortlessly.
        5-Moonstone-Claim the cosmos as you claim your truth. Hold or wear this stone and simply allow your inner wisdom to discern the greater flow.

        Love, Melinda

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