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    Hi! I just reviewed the first lesson on paying more attention and stepping back to observe things in life. I’m not exactly sure what I need to do though. Do I need to pay more attention to now and not to the future? Or do I just pay more attention in general to the things around me?


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    The future is made up of what we do today. So living in today.

    That does not mean we still don’t have goals, plans and hopes about the futrue but theu can always change depending on today.

    If we spend to much time to far ahead we miss so many things.

    So its hard and a balancing act I still have trouble :p

    I came up with my own reminder ‘live today plan tomotrow ‘ because tomorrow never comes 🙂

    But yes I still look at things that need to be done and plan them in 🙂

    But I try not let it rule my thought process until I’m doing said task. Even then my mind wanders 🙂

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