paranoia or premonition?

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    I am totally knew to this. I am actually pretty skeptical, but have always had a really open heart and mind. When I was little I thought I was magic…I don’t know why I felt this way, but I truly believed it…I used to know I could make the wind blow, stronger and stronger. It was a game I played. As I grew older I chalked that up to feeling insecure, being the only girl in a house of men, and being the middle child…I never really felt special. So maybe that was my way of making myself feel special. Until I came to the 2nd grade. I realised I knew things…I knew when bad things were about to happen. I knew when my name would get called and I would have to read aloud in class (I hated that) or say what my homework answers were (which I usually never even did). As I got older this happened more frequently. I was able to read people instantly. I knew who was bad and would hurt me and who was genuine, without even speaking to them. I got ”bad vibes” and ”good vibes”. To make a very long story short, when I think things, they 100% of the time come true. Every single time I am right. I am older now, in my 30’s. I have two young kids. And for the past year, I feel death is coming for me. To a point where I am almost accepting it as reality. I don’t know why. I am scared, panicked, bad dreams, anxiety, I feel like the universe has shifted and I will soon die. Anyone else had this? Am I going insane, or is my intuition trying to warn me? Any advice, would be greatly appreciated.


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    It would only warn you so you could make changes.

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