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    Hi my family and I lost our 11yr old blind chow chow(our dog) last friday September 10th. She wondered off the back porch when my wife left her out to tend to our other dog… I put her on back porch whenever I leave for work at 530am so she isn’t walking into walls etc… That Friday morning she was snoring hard on the front porch after taking her so I didn’t want to bother her with moving her onto the back porch so I left her there.. So what I’m trying to get at is… can you see or tell us where our dog is? We’ve tried everything even got a 2000 dollar reward out for her and your my last hope… if you need more info I’ll be more than glad to give it to you… we live in Vanderbilt Pa and we just want our MimiGirl back home where she belongs… please please please help us. Thanks


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    So sorry that your family is having to endure this worrisome time. There is someone who might be able to help you. Her name is Hilary Renaissance. She is a professional animal communicator. Her website is: calmpet.com. Phone Number: 206-782-7815. I attended a class taught by her 11 years ago. I feel certain that you have already contacted local animal shelters and posted flyers. Also local veterinarians? Are there any low lying bushes in your neighborhood? Your little MimiGirl might be frightened and hiding somewhere nearby, not knowing what to do. My heart goes out to you and your family.

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