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    Hello everyone,

    I was hoping to get some feelings from you fellow members about how you feel about numerology. Could you please take a minute or two to indulge my curiosity on this?

    What I am looking for is which system do you follow or have more knowledge of.

    Pythagorean – named after the greek founder Pythagoras ?

    Chaldean – roots in Ancient Babylon, believed to be the oldest?

    Kabbalah system – was widely used in Hebrew spiritual sciences. Not sure if it still is.

    Thanks ahead of time for your responses.



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    What does numerology do? Is it a type of reading?


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    I am very interested in this subject, i have been on many numerology web sites most of them rubbish. I would love to learn more


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    Hi I’ve been to a numerologist and found it quite helpful, very accurate and quite inspiring. I would suggest you got to someone who has been recommended and always beat in mind that nothing is cast in stone. Take what you can use and work with that. I felt like it helped me tap deeper into my own intuition about people and situations in life. I hope this helps.

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