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    Hello everyone,

    I was hoping to get some feelings from you fellow members about how you feel about numerology. Could you please take a minute or two to indulge my curiosity on this?

    What I am looking for is which system do you follow or have more knowledge of.

    Pythagorean – named after the greek founder Pythagoras ?

    Chaldean – roots in Ancient Babylon, believed to be the oldest?

    Kabbalah system – was widely used in Hebrew spiritual sciences. Not sure if it still is.

    Thanks ahead of time for your responses.



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    What does numerology do? Is it a type of reading?


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    I am very interested in this subject, i have been on many numerology web sites most of them rubbish. I would love to learn more


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    Hi I’ve been to a numerologist and found it quite helpful, very accurate and quite inspiring. I would suggest you got to someone who has been recommended and always beat in mind that nothing is cast in stone. Take what you can use and work with that. I felt like it helped me tap deeper into my own intuition about people and situations in life. I hope this helps.


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    I am a certified numerologist through Ascended Numerology is an ancient Essene science whose information was burned in the burning of the library of Alexandria.
    It differs from other types of numerology. It works with both the principles of nature in combination with Sacred Geometry and an ancient form of Arithmancy.
    I find it is very accurate with the readings I have completed, and from others I have witnessed. This is what is on their website:
    Ascended Numerology is a totally unique system of working with the mathematical sequences and occurrences in our lives. An ancient system for our modern moment.
    Lost when the library at Alexandria was burned, this arcane system of knowledge was replaced with an earthbound alignment of numbers as revealed through Pythagoras. This was expanded upon by other astrologers of various origins for many millennia. While these systems have served humanity for several millennia, the greater ascension energy that is now present upon our planet has called out to expand the wisdom of all beings of divine love!
    The lost sequences and interpretations of the meaning of these numbers apply to literally everything! Your birth name, your birthplace, your birth date, specific life events and so much more: you can literally apply the codes to just about everything.
    • The power of your name and its spelling and how it affects the energy of your destiny.
    • How to select or confirm optimum dates for marriage, moves, career, vacations, surgical procedures and more.


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    The standard definition of Numerology is:
    Numerology is any belief in the divine or mystical relationship between a number&one or more coinciding events. It’s also the study of the numerical value of the letters in words, names&ideas. It is often associated with the paranormal, alongside astrology&similar divinatory arts.

    1form of Personal Numerology is the use of your name, birthday,birth time & location, which gives you a very unique&in my experience,Accurate descriptive reading.

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