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    Hi, my name is Tanya. For a while now I’ve been feeling that the apartment that my children and I are presently living in, may in some way be draining us. Sometimes I wonder if it’s just me… or if in fact there is something to the energies here… or both? I have this strong inner desire to move us to a home with a much lighter feel to it and I feel that the “right” place will show up when it’s time. Could anyone give me some insights on possible potentials with a new home and if in fact my feelings about our present home are accurate?

    Thank you, so much.


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    Because you are feeling that you should move your family to a different residence, that is something that you should pursue. You don’t need to rush into anything, but just continue to look steadily and you are likely to find something suitable. It seems that there is nothing in your present home that could be harmful to you and your children. I am sensing that perhaps a previous resident might have been dealing with some serious problems and frustrations during the time that she lived there. It might help you to push the negative energy aside by focusing on the upcoming holidays and looking for a new place to live.

    Best wishes!

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