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    Okay so if you read my wall. Says a little to my story. But what do birds indicate. When actually coming into the home. And presenting themselves to me within two weeks apart. One and first was a red cardnial then this week well today was a gray head junco. Please need advise.


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    Are they outside or in your house?


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    When a Red Cardinal comes to you almost insistently trying to gain your attention, it’s likely you’re receiving a message from a Spiritual Messenger. The word cardinal itself is derived from the Latin word cardo meaning hinge or axis like a hinge on a door the Cardinal is the hinge on the doorway between our Earthly World and the Spirit World, carrying messages back and forth. Allow your Cardinal sightings to bring you a feeling of peace knowing you are being heard and as a message from your Spirit Guides. If it happens again let their visits remind you that you are always guided and protected by Spirit. Above all don’t forget to thank your winged friends and Spirit for their guidance. You had a lovely visit from the Other Side. Guidance is being offered. This is a beautiful thing as usually our Guides and like to use Angelic numbers as signs as to things we question or something we need to be aware of so we would see numbers repeatedly throughout certain times in our life many dont realize the signs and dismiss them. Four of the seven Archangels are considered Cardinal Angels and they are Michael, Gabriel, Raphael and Uriel. Cardinal Angels are tasked with influencing and inspiring large groups, such as cultures and nations. I also sense this happened as a Spiritual awakening. You were gaining and more in tuned this specific time frame and your spiritual senses were more strong than usual 😉 I’ll aslso add the fact that they presented themselves to you means this message was meant to be clear to you its a strong message of spiritual awakening your Guides really wanted you to be alert and aware of this message.
    The Gray Head Junco represents expression of Spirit, increased activity and opportunity, pay attention to how you express yourself

    **All and all my dear with the combination of the two and the fact that made sure to gain your attention I feel this was your Spirit Guides sending you the message of “Spiritual Awakening and Spiritual Growth STRONGLY!” I bet if I looked at your Astrology for that specific day it would verify that 😉


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