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    What is expected with my job and my girlfriend in the near future?


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    Dearest Compass37:
    Rather than one, you have two very general questions. It is always best to ask specific questions with more detail. What is it about your job that wish to know…is a promotion in the future, will there be a lay off…etc.
    What is it about your girlfriend you wish to know…is she the right partner for me, will our relationship last, are we compatible…etc.
    Job: The probability of a layover is very slim. There seems to be strength in the business. I sense you are bored with your job. I get the feeling of drudgery.
    Girlfriend: I sense a lighthearted relationship with friendly compatibility and joyfulness. I see her smiling with a sense of ease around you. I saw a vision of her cloak reaching and fanning out. She wishes to travel and be carefree prior to commitment. She has hopes of a deeper commitment but wishes to remain free for a while longer.
    Energy of the reading: 3
    Trust that all is happening in perfect order…the job, the girlfriend. All change comes from the heart. Do you wish to change jobs? Do you wish to deepen the relationship? This “change” energy begins with you. Your words have no meaning here. It is your action that is seeking illumination. First ask what it is you want to change…then take action. Are you a weekend lover, or do you wish to have this woman in your life more permanently? Claim you own power. You are more powerful than you think. Practice what you speak. Be who you tell others you are. Use your inner compass to direct your path.

    With much love and sincerity, Melinda

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