My sons suicide.

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    My son committed suicide 5 years ago now. I tried to get him help but no one would listen,I was just a step parent. I left him for an hour and I got a call from my husvand that he was gone,he was dead. I feel so bad because I had to just sit and watch it happen because everyone was saying I was the crazy one. Any insite is welcome,Im soo lost.


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    First off let me tell you this is not your fault there is nothing you could have done this is something that was inside of your stepson very dark and very deep inside of him there is no way you could have saved him staying home staying by his side at all times all that does is prolong the inevitable and the minute he gets away from you guys he’ll do it so please don’t take this personal you did what you could do you love him and you tried he just wasn’t strong enough to withstand whatever it was deep inside of him that made him want to be dead and then it’s not your fault so please know that repeat after me it’s not my fault it’s not my fault because because one honey it is not your fault


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    I am so sorry! You did your best to get him help. God does not judge you so you don’t need to judge yourself. Sometimes life is full of torment and people see suicide as a way to escape the pain. Is there a support group for bereavement? Did he have a friend named Eric maybe who passed?

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