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    Hi I was told by other psychics that my friend Ian schombs has feelings for me deep down (I’m a boy btw) so my question is could I pull them out of him somehow I don’t know if this crazy I figured I would try it’s like I feel this intuition that they are there I was also told by other psychics we have a soul connection and past life connection too and that if I push the issue he will walk away from me completely but something still doesn’t add up why would I feel this if we were supposed to be just friends and if that is what were supposed to be than I don’t want to feel this way anymore our friendship is really important to me and I want it back but at the same time I can’t believe that this is really over it’s like something in my heart I don’t if it’s denial or what please help me before I lost my mind thanks


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    I sense you are very young and exploring your sexuality but your friend Ian is not there. More of a brother than a lover. He does care for you very much. I agree that pushing would only push him away. A great friend last longer than a lover in most cases anyway! You will meet someone and be happy and have your best friend too!

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