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    My boyfriend and I are struggling right now. Are we going to make it?


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    Hello love! I don’t feel like this is the end of your relationship, but I do feel as if you will both have to make a mutual decision on whether this is a relationship worth staying together in. I want to say that you are both growing , perhaps in different directions and its not like your struggles are major fights but more like “its not the same”…just a nagging feeling like things are just not the same. and the more each of you realizes that insecurity bubbles up and so you might have tried harder to put your finger on what is wrong or maybe even to get him to say what he thinks is wrong, but its frustrating for him, because even he does not quite know. And this might even make you feel more distant as well. just a feeling of being stagnant I would say. So while I don’t think you will break up I think a change of pace is order as well as a dose of space. I feel like he needs space to figure things out and by that I mean don’t try to make something out of nothing. Love him as best you can but at the same time do not be naïve. if you feel something so strongly do not discount it, your gut feeling is your internal guidance system…but also be gentle with yourself. don’t blame yourself if it isn’t going in the direction as you planned. I feel like you know you are both growing apart almost like it is ok if this doesn’t work out but it makes you feel better to have someone else tell you that too. Spend time with yourself and your thoughts and be honest about how you are feeling and what is happening then act from your internal guidance. XO


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    I see a lot of arguments and multiple times when you guys think it is over. You have a bond but some of it is pretty destructive. I see you as more verbal and him shutting down and walking away. Communication is what could save this relationship. Read The Love Dare!

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