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    I am a pretty sensitive guy and am affected by things pretty easy, I find it’s been hard to meet women, I don’t understand people say there is nothing wrong with me. So I just don’t get why it’s so hard – yeh I can be a bit shy but once I know someone I’m all out there.
    And I always worry bout not having enough work for my business – I am doing pretty good with where I am getting work but I just always worry and hope the future looks great for work.


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    Does my coworker have an issue with me?


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    Greetings Dear Djf:
    Thank you for the honor of giving you this reading.
    The energy of this reading is 7-Claiming your mastery, not only at work, but in your love life.
    That which we seek is usually already at our doorstep. Have mercy on yourself. You are good enough. You are surrounded with abundant wisdom. All the answers you seek are within you.
    Abundance is all around ready to be claimed. It is time for you to claim your manifesting abilities with the full view of the abundance that is already around you. See everything as an abundant expression. Take time to be with nature. Walk and see the beauty that surrounds you. Breathe the air with deep inspiration, and blow it out with gusto! Go swimming and feel how the water flows around you. Feel the flow of all that is around you.
    Visualize the woman of your dreams. Write down what you wish her to be. Make a list of her features, her hair color, her height, her personality. Be extremely detailed about what your partner will look like and be. Focus on this list and tweak it as you get clearer about what you want. Sense her and feel her with deep emotion. Let the Universe/Source know what you want. Ask and it shall manifest.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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