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    Hi there, I’d like to know Jimmy and I have been seeing each other since June and I have fallen in love with him we have spoken about marriage and that type of stuff and he says he doesn’t want to get married again as his ex wife hurt him a lot, he says that occasional sleep overs eg: weekends is great I believe he loves me but is afraid to admit it, a psychic told me he is thinking of asking me to marry him but he’s battling to find the words, so I guess I’m curious to when exactly he is going to ask me to marry him and how he is going to do it


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    Tricky to say when or if he will. I get a psychic sense it could be around the holidays, but then it skips to April-May. Instead of waiting and wondering, I suggest getting more involved. Focus on what you can do to make the relationship stronger. This starts with strengthening yourself from the inside out. I get a sense you are on the waiting around, receiving, begging side. Work on shifting yourself more into “I’m in demand” and “I”m special.” It’s not about being arrogant or mean, it’s about being strong and assertive. I say this because I sense a lot of weakness within you right now. As you strengthen yourself from the inside out, get your confidence up, my sense is he will react to this in a positive way, maybe taking more action to make sure he keeps you in his life.

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