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    Is my ex the right one for me even after all he done
    Do I call it over because of the harm he has caused
    Will I ever find happy love


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    Well typically people become exs for a reason. I think it is best to move on. Allow you9rself time to grow. if you9 area woman wait 9 months before starting a new relashionship to cleanse yourself in all areas especialy spiritually and emotially. This way in your new relationship you9 will have completed several growth courses and will not be carrying that other individuals energy. If you are a male, the time is less before you date another, id say 6 months. You must heal after connecting with others energies. learn to channel yo9ur intuition. Develop esp, harness you9r spiritual gifts. GO forth and prosper on this wonderful journey we call life and plant all sorts of budding seeds that your mind holds. if you dont already lift weights, and begin working out. learn some new skills. this way you impress not only future you but your attached one in the future


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