kicked Out!

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    Hi i’m married and have two children. I went through alot with my husband before i married him. He seemed to have changed alot so we got married. Everthing’s been okay until just the other day. We had gone out to eat and had seen my exboyfriend there. Everything was fine until we got home. He started indsulting me in front of the kids. He told me he should have stayed with his exgirlfriend which really hurt me because we’ve gone through alot because of her. My mother heard us arguing so she went in. He then kicked us out which he’s actually never done. I came to my aunt’s house because me and my children don’t fit at my mom’s. i’m just wondering if he’s going to look for me. I dont want ot call him because him he humiliated. He’s not atype of person who will look for me and apologize. But I’m wondering if just this once he might. I would like to know if he really loves me and if you see us getting back together soon or if this is really it. Thank you for your time! My name is Laura 4-13-86, his name is Joel 9-6-82


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    He will come after you but will not say he is wrong. I think you are likely to go back to him now when he ask but you may be more mature and evolved than he is. That will get old after awhile, but for now, you are likely to go back with him.

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