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    Hello, my name is Marie my dob is 05/06/87.
    I’ve been dating my boyfriend Joven, dob 05/16/87 for 2 years and 3 months. We live together. I’m divorced and have 2 boys of my own. Lately we’ve been fighting. A lot.i feel like this young girl named Sammy dob 11/7/95 is trying to get between us. He basically told me it was over yesterday for different reasons. Over the weekend he moved my belongings into the kids’ room. Is it truly over between us? This Sammy girl…are they sending inappropriate messages or pictures to each other? Has he remained faithful? I started packing my things will he stop me? Will our relationship still work? Does he love me and still see me as his potential wife? How will tomorrow and the rest of the year go?


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    I would sit down and talk to him about these things. Do you want things to work out? If so then you have to try as well as him. If things are truly over and he’s talking to this other girl then he wasn’t yours to begin with.

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