Is it against the universal law to manifest a specific person into my life?

Main Metaphysics and Paranormal Spiritual Manifesting Is it against the universal law to manifest a specific person into my life?

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    I have had crash on someone I met on an online dating site. I actually haven’t met this person physically, but I’m so attracted to the person’s energy. As soon as I felt a deep connection with the person from chatting online, the person stopped to talking to me and left the dating site out of blue. After I sent the very last message, I sensed a deep sadness coming from the person. When I felt that sadness along this person’s energy, I felt the disconnection at the same time. I tried my best to forget about this person and moved on. After two years from that conversation with this person, I got energetically connected to this person again without spoken to each other. I got to connect to this person through when I was trying to help this person’s ex. Every now and then, I get to receive some forms of energies such as sight sharing and warm water kind of sensation from this person. This energetic connection made me wanting to connect to this person again in this physical realm again. I don’t know if this is possible, or if this against the universal law. What would would do if you were in my position?


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    There are ethical guidelines, but you can use spiritual attraction towards a certain person. People do it all the time. Most people just don’t know they are doing it and don’t have real control or understanding. I would be careful about putting too much focus on someone who is not meeting you half way in a relationship, or putting your romantic life on hold for something that may or may not happen. Having an energetic tie with someone, no matter how strong, is not enough to make a real relationship work. Are you possibly involved in this to escape the reality of having a real relationship? I would at least consider putting a time line on this instead of watching your life pass by before you. If it happens soon, then go with it. If not, drop it and move on. If you want to learn how to better attract people and events on a spiritual level, there is training on this website for this: Life Mastery Program.


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    I agree with Fiona

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