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    My husband and sitter for our two children act one way in the day when I’m around and completely different when they think I’m asleep in bed. I hope that I am just being paranoid but my gut just keeps telling me something isn’t right. Is my husband and sitter having an affair?


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    Before I say this, I need to first say I am only repeating what I’m sensing from the information given, and trying to help you while doing so. Have to put that before i try and assist a sensitive topic such as this one. Reading this i sensed jealousy, and hurt from you. Maybe a constant state of trying to piece things together in your mind. I sense betrayal, and negative energy about the situation, as well as secrets and a specific plan being hidden. Not sure what the plan is, that is just what i’m getting. In my personal opinion, I believe gut feelings should always be trusted. If I were you, I would confront my significant other about everything you are feeling and thinking, and hopefully he is honest with you. But, do remember the truth ALWAYS comes out one way or another. I hope this helps, and I wish you the best and happiness.


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    Hi inxs,
    I like the username by the way,it used to be my favourite band.
    Anyway,the above reader right,always trust your gut feelings.I have done tarot spread ,it showed he or she might be influenced in him to spice his feelings

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