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    My name is Nicole. Im needing some insight, guidence, and answers hoping someone will please help me. Im ready to Travel to another Country which was confirmed from a very good pshyic Friend to see my soul mate for the first time and Marry. Madly in love but a little suspectful of unloyalty with online video chat but not 100% sure this is based on a feelw changes of communication behaviors and a app actions by my lover. This will be a huge step for me. Basically I want to ask if anyone can tune in get any insight as to if hes loyal as far as online video chat goes and if hes the one? I can give more details if needed his picture I have added as well as mine. Thank you so much. I appreciate it much! Blessings!


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    If you don’t trust him, your intuition is almost always right. Be careful and do not move or marry until you trust him. Love without trust is worthless. You deserve love, faithfulness and someone you can trust. You ask for no more than you are willing to give.


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    That’s not a way to start off a marriage and if you are questioning him that’s not really a good sign either. You will forever question him. I get very negative vibrations with the online chatting. I would actually advise you not to go either. I think you are in great need of something in your life and you are searching for it through a man. You are very feminine and I see that you very much want and need a man in your life. Save yourself, please. Cherish your very own vessel with or without a man. Lavish yourself with very feminine things, perfume, candles, clothing, nice things to fill your feminine needs in the meantime. Someone will fall into your lap.

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