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    Hi sorry, didn’t mean to address previous query to anyone in particular. Spoke with this guy (eric) yesterday evening for a bit. Problem with stuff like MSN is that it’s easy to get distracted so our conversation was friendly but brief. Hopefully our difference in age (6 years) isn’t an issue. Just wondering if it’s worth pursuing. I know from his blog that he’s looking for something serious, and I seem to meet all the romantic/personality characteristics, although I don’t know about the physical qualities. Any advice from anyone would be appreciated!


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    You have very good intuition about people. You seem to really want to give this a try! You might want to communicate a bit longer before you decide if you want to meet in person. Six years difference is not much, especially when the both of you are mature. If you share the same ideals and enjoy spending time together that is what is important. Physical appearance should be only secondary. It is important to remember than no one person can fulfill all of our needs. If you share the same beliefs and principles about the important issues, you should find that you have a lot in common.

    Best wishes,

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