I’m too young to be going thought this much pain with a tf

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    Idk where to look or where to go but I feel like this phase is repeating in cycles with me and this man. We met 2017 summer both fairly young g he was 17 me 19 and now it’s 2020 and we’re still involved but no relationship he won’t open up to me and it’s created real trust issues so much to the point where I’m ready to give up for good. What to come of this any good psychic advisor please reply to this .


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    2020 is a year of releasing all that no longer serves us. We know this to be true as we view what is going on in our society. In almost every reading I’ve given this comes up. There are many types of hoarding…. clothes, food, emotions, energy…etc.
    As I tap into your energy, I feel a heartache in my chest. It’s very painful. You don’t seem ready to release him. I don’t sense he cares about your friendship as much as you do. You could walk away and it wouldn’t affect him like it would you. Perhaps his ego would be hurt. I don’t sense that you are going to walk away from him. In the future, I get a vision of both of you facing each other (in close proximity) and holding hands. This seems to be a picture of your hopes and dreams…you wish for a romantic relationship with this man, and perhaps marriage as the end result.
    He thinks your beautiful. He likes you. He doesn’t want to settle down yet. He wants to travel…I see him with a suitcase in hand and ready to board a flight. He wants adventure, and sow his wild oats before he settles down.
    The energy of marriage is lower than 60%. You would be waiting a long time for him to settle down.
    I hope this brings you insight into his thoughts/emotions.

    Love, Melinda

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