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    my fiancé, son and I just moved 3-4 hours away from where we once called home, I have been trying to go to college for 3 years now but something always gets in my way. I got accepted into a lpn school that starts next month, problem is I should be overjoyed. This is what I have wanted for several years now as I’ve been a cna for 8 years, but I’m not in the least bit excited. My gut keeps telling me not to go this year. I’ve been trying to come up with every excuse in the book as to why I should go, and I’ve spent many sleepless nights up pondering over it, but my gut keeps telling me no. I have a 2 year old and I am wanting to get married this year. But I am afraid finances or something will get in my way and I’ll fail. So I guess my question is should I go or wait another year? Is my gut right? And why does something always come up or stop me from college and a career and being successful ? Is that not what my life is meant for?


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    You are yourself subconsciously avoiding it,I think you should just go for it


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    It would be hard to go to school with a 2 year old but if you fiancé is supportive it is doable. Are you questioning if you want to be a nurse? LPN pays more than CNA for sure!

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