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    Hello all and i hope somebody can help me with a guy i’m seeing…or maybe i was. My initial is a.t., dob is 8/7/81.

    I have been seeing him for about a year and a half, lately been somewhat distant and i’m not sure why. We still hang out here and there, but he seems to be flirting with one of our co workers although if i ask, he says it’s on purpose to upset the other coworker that is hitting on this girl. I don’t know if he’s telling me the truth, and not sure if his reasoning why we are not hanging out as much is really because of his drama at home. I seem to get a lot of hot and cold from him, although his friends and other co workers do not. What is he trying to do? I would like to remain at least a good friend but feels like he is pushing me away? His initial is t.m. And dob is 10/19/88 if that helps. Thank you in advance for the insight.


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    I’m getting a sense he doesn’t really respect you that much and he does have some boundary issues. Is he going to places (bars, etc) regularly without you?

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