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    I don’t really know where to begin with all this or if I even know what I’m actually trying to ask or or if I’m in the right place or not… So here goes… I’ll start off with I’ve always been able to feel when spirits are around and the “feeling” they put off. Whether it be sadness, evil, or they are just simply there. I guess I’ve always been pretty empathic too. As soon as I walk into a room I can feel all the vibes immediately. I can also feel people’s true intentions and if they have ulterior motives almost immediately after meeting them or talking to them for a little bit. I also just seem to know things that I shouldn’t know and cannot explain how or why I know these things. Recently, these “feelings” or sensations or whatever it is, have been intensified by a lot. So intense that sometimes it physically makes me sick to my stomach. Or it gives me extreme anxiety. I feel like I’m losing my mind sometimes. And who knows I may actually be losing my mind. It’s so intense that I went and got evaluated just to make sure I’m not going crazy. They said I’m not crazy but suggested some counseling sessions which I agreed to. Everything has gotten so intense that it’s hard for me to be around other people and at times I get irritated very easily. So much that I isolate myself a lot because I don’t how to handle all of this and I don’t want others affected by whatever the hell is going on with me. I think my grandmother thinks I’m evil or something because sometimes it seems like I make lights flicker when I walk into the room, or weird things just seem to happen. Every once in awhile I’ll have a dream that comes true. Not very often, but recently there’s been more than I’ve ever had. I don’t know if this is some kind of spiritual awakening though because most of this stuff has always happened to me, just not so intensely. My mom has told me how or family is very intuitive and perceptive and it runs in our family. Her grandma used to tell her, “you have the same gift that I have.” I don’t really know what that is though because it’s always scared my mom and she doesn’t want anything to do with any of it. And I was never close to her grandma, which would be my great grandma. So I guess the purpose of me writing all this is to hopefully seek out some guidance and advice because I’ve been going through this for almost 2 years now and things are only getting more intense. If anyone can help me out or send me in the right direction it would truly be a blessing for me. 


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    Hi..what you have described and are experiencing / feeling can be a scary thing…but you shouldn’t fear it…just learn more about it…I think you may be an empath. I recommend you read about empaths. .do a search via Google. . You’ll be alright…your not crazy..it’s all good…Good luck


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      Abnt – please reply with a response. Replying with feedback is your way of showing appreciation to the time and effort of other members – so give back when others give to you!


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        Abnt – I’ve had people come to me over the years with similar issues. It’s more common than you might expect. I had one student who couldn’t shake anyone’s hand because he would see flashes of all the person’s trauma. I’ve had students come to me who were getting attacked every night by entities. These things happen.

        The good news is that you can learn to control it without having to shut down your abilities. You can use your abilities to make your life easier and help others, without the abilities being a nightmare.

        I’ve helped many people work through similar issues and it can be done, rather easily, with the right training. Psychic sensitivity can be turned on and off at will. I do it all the time. And no, crowds or hospitals don’t scare me. You can shift from being super-psychic to no psychic awareness at all, in an instant. We cover a detailed training approach for this in our advanced psychic develop course. Take a look and see if it’s a good fit for you. Also, see this article about psychic sensitivity

        - Dale Sellers

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