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    hi i was wondering if anyone could share some insight on my current situation. within the last 6 years i have lost 2 very dear people in my life and i thought i was coping very well, i had got a little prespective in my life at last, i had met someone and although we did not live in the same country we seemed to have such a bond on all levels, for reasons i wont go into as its long and complicated, he is not in contact with me anymore, i have been given a reason and i do believe it is very possible but i keep thinking the worst…. that its all made up because he does not want to talk to me anymore etc, but i feel in my heart he wouldn’t do that to me, i really dont know what to do about the situation should i move on try to get over him or is it geniune and if so, will he be back soon. i do know i need to sort my own issues out for me to be able to really move on in life (maybe this is a way of making me do it) but i dont want to give up on something so good that could bring a lot of happiness to my life, however i dont want to be holding on to false hopes.
    thanks ever so much x


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    There is often such a magic in a long distance relationship, that someone isn’t given an opportunity to know the other person in ordinary, everyday circumstances. This is what I sense is happening. I am truly sorry that you are hurting. How much did you really actually know about him? How much time were you able to spend together?

    It would be better for you not to make an attempt to contact him. He most likely has not been honest with you in some respects. It seems that you already know what you need to do. You will have other opportunities and choices. When you are able to spend time with someone who you can be with on a regular basis, this will make a really big difference!

    Best wishes,

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