I am completely devastated beyond belief

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    I had been in a relationship with a man for about 2 years. My mother had been in the hospital in December of 2018 and he cheated and is now with the other woman. He just told me last week he wanted to be with me and loved me. And no matter what happens he will always love me. I wonder if he is going to come back? Sadly, My mother passed away unexpectedly and I am grieving horribly. The man I was in the relationship with has changed his number and I haven’t heard from him in almost a week. My heart is ripped apart with the loss of my Mother and him. Do you think he will return to me? Or is someone else to be in my life? For all replies thank you kindly.


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    I do sense that the individual (man) who cheated on you in the past is very confused but wants a new start almost. I do believe someone else is will be in your life soon. I feel some sort of feeling of confusion when I think of this as in I’m not too sure about the indivdual who left but from I can feel it seems he might not be coming back for a while (i get this sort of negative side to this individual I don’t know him personally but I feel a negative energy from him ). I do believe this is a time of renewal for you.You’ve been through bad times and eventually there will be a breakthrough. I do believe you will find the one soon.


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      KjsMommy – please reply with a response.

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