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    I’ve witnessed a great power in knowing something, when we truly know, things unfold as if by magic. This power has seen me hit the top and hit the bottom upon whence i started to study and gain an understanding of the inner/mind work that creates such results.

    The dilemma i sometimes find is that i think i know what i want yet if i truly wanted it and there were no blocks i would have it already surely? The things in life that i’ve truly wanted and allow in have come as if by magic yet some things remain out of reach, financial freedom/levels of prosperity to complete life goals and attain desired lifestyle, social ties, family, networks of useful people, a career on the stage playing drums that pays well etc. Etc.

    I am truly grateful for the way my life has turned around since starting to study how stuff works. I get lots of attention from women i desire, i have great communication skills with these woman and a certain magnetism, my communication, confidence and social skills have gone through the roof (despite fear keeping me from forming deep and meaningful bonds for the time being), i regularly attain goals in the gym and see my body changing into the shape i want it to be. These first baby steps are applying the principles that can create a worthy and fulfilling life that i put the work in to achieving.

    Self image, self respect, will, achievement, communication, pleasing personality and social capabilities are works in progress as above and coming along nicely, now that these are right on track i start working more towards business, money and career to continue building a life of security, love, confidence and achievement. Yet again the issue is truly knowing what one wants to do, i want to be a famous drummer in a rock band, i’m one of the best drummers you will ever hear from, my performance, image, ability and charisma certainly make me one of a kind (as are we all, yet in this particular field i really can cut the mustard, entertain a crowd and stand out)

    the issue with this though is that there are lots of negative beliefs and hurts surrounding this dream as i tried so hard for the most of my life to get there only to have results that ebbed and flowed in a big way. The unfortunate circumstance and negative emotions surrounding this career path and the statistics of actually being that guy being so astronomical keep me from committing wholly, knowing how much of a strive with non congruent results that it can be.

    I know this is what i was made to do, i know i can do it, when i see others doing it i know they are doing what i was made to do yet i do not yet know that it is possible for me to attain this dream even though there are those who do. The odds are stacked against me despite my level of skill as its the dream so so many other great musicians and characters wish to live. How can i know and truly believe this is possible to a degree that i make it come to me? Hypnotism, subliminal, meditation, whatever is needed on the self work front to make this happen i’d really like to make it happen. Whoever on here are more advanced on the creation work please help. Of course if you are so advanced a creator then there is no point offering a cut of the wages, however you will create such a level of peace, appreciation and gratitude that you will really have done such a good turn in helping get me there, you would not believe how much i have put in and contributed to others to help make this happen. How can i know that i am to receive an offer from the perfect band very soon? It is the knowing that makes things happen ๐Ÿ™‚


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    Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill is a good start. If you are really serious, I would explore the Life Mastery Program found on this site. It’s much more extensive than anything you will find in a watered down book and it’s all about everything you mentioned. It includes adequate methods for getting control over your states, attracting what you want, and more. Hey, you asked!

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