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    As I have gone through intense emotional therapy, the more I heal, the more accurately I can see future events, in my own life. No one else’s. I can accurately read human behaviors 100%. I can see why people behaved the way they did. I can analyze political situations better than anyone in my large online following I can see that I am going to write three bestsellers, Stories From the Heart, Life is a Bumpy Ride, and The Ride of Your LIfe, by Violet PIerce, bestselling author. The books will be published summer 2020, 2021, 2022. I will live in Apex, NC at 211 So. Mason St., Apex, NC in downtown historic Apex, where Baby Girl (nickname) feels at home. I will married to Sweet Nicky (nickname) and we will be happier than any couple I have seen in my life, one of those couples that make people sick, go get a room, we are so in love. I will drool over him, send him love notes. I will sit on the front porch, drinking a glass of Auntie V’s (nickname) Sweet Tea. I will be hollering out to people as they pass by, “Hey, ya’ll how ya doin’? What’s up buttercup? etc. I’ll have people on the porch and will be telling them all of kinds of stories, making them laugh. “Honey, you think that’s bad? You outta hear the rest of the story. I just barely got started, that was the tip of the iceberg! NIcky go get them a glass of tea, would you, babe? Anyway, now let me tell you about the time oh back in 2016, when I prayed the biggest Houston heroin dealer’s ass out of my kitchen in under two minutes. What? I waddn’t goin’ to have anyone in my kitchen I didn’t like. He was tryin’ to act sweet, but I called him out. I could see his eyes glowing, I knew exactly what he was, a demon straight from hell. Well, I was raised in the Pentecostal Church, so I summoned up all of the strength I could, and prayed his ass out of kitchen in less than two minutes…yes, I said it, two minutes. I showed him I meant business, he waddn’t goin’ to take advantage of my Justy, makin’ him think he would buy Justy a business, take advantage of him like “that, not my baby boy. I’ll cuss Justy out, but nobody else better try it. They don’t know I’m Jesse Joyner’s little sister, and by God, I’m as tough as him, tough as nails. What? Oh, he went out on the back patio. Justin got mad at me, “Mom, what did you just do?”. “Nothin’ baby, nothin’. But tell C I don’t like him. I would like for him to leave. I have a headache.” C was so rude! I overheard them on the back patio talkin’. Justin told C he was gonna have to leave, his mom wasn’t going to give him $10,000. C, not caring if I could hear it said, Fine, I don’t like your mother, she’s a F’g bitch”. Can you imagine that? Calling me that? An F’g bitch? No one’s ever called me that in my life! I’m glad he doesn’t like me, who cares? He’s a big liar so to hell with him. And, here’s the best of it, I can tell him mama didn’t raise him right. After my Justy committed suicide, I had a detective with the gang division in Houston, Tx come to my house the next day. He told me to get out of Houston NOW! LIke hell, I’m not goin’ anywhere, he’s not gonna boss me around. He’s rude, and I don’t like him. Tell the sonofabitch to just come try it. Tell him I’ve got God and the angels protecting me. I don’t even know where my suitcases are, where would I go? What about the dogs? Oh, he’s really done it. I’m gonna cuss him out real good next time I see him. Tell him that for me, he can go straight to hell!”

    The facts in the story are true. However, at this point, I have been so sick I have been to ER 4 times, 6 specialists, housebound since April. No one comes over, no one. Neighbors don’t even check on me. Sweet Nicky texts occasionally, but that’s all. Yet, I have been told I am twin flame by his late mother, Rose. She is my main spirit guide. I was called to her grave in March to meet her. When I approached the city limits of College Station Tx I had the breath nearly knocked out of me by her spirit. “Oh, Rosie, I’ve missed you so much!” I wanted to roses on her grave, but didn’t know where her grave was. Look to the left, Baby Girl. There was HEB, got roses cheap. Couldn’t find cemetery, going to turn around, “left”. It was right there. Go into Field of Honor, Texas A&M – sweet Nicky graduated from there – must be 1000 graves all look alike. I’ll never find it, this is crazy. Okay, Rose, if this is real, you’re going to have to show me your grave right now. “Look to the left, baby”.. Rose I. Evanoff. I was so overcome, I’m sobbing, slogging through the mud, ruining my boots to get to her grave. I’m sobbing over her headstone, put roses on the top so they won’t get muddy, and a little card. I had written on it, “You are missed, you are loved, But you know it” I talked with her over an hour. At one point I thought I would fall down in the mud. “Sit down, baby girl, it’s okay”. Where? In the mud? “To left that bench”. Sitting down, she strokes my head talking to me about Nick. Told me how much he loved me, and to not give up on him. Told me he’s just stubborn, I was his mother. She’s laughing and telling me how much she adores me. From the first time we met, Nick has always told me how much his mother, Rose, would have adored me, she didn’t care for his exwife. She said we are just alike, we talk to everybody, laugh, talk to strangers in Walmart for 2 hours. Everyone loved Rose. He even told me we favor. When we met on 4/17/17, when he stood up, my soul said, “Welcome Home”. He stands up with this huge grin. Tells me my picture didn’t do me justice. Actually, I thought it was a very good picture. We were supposed to meet one hour since I had just gotten on on 4/16. I had been on there an hour, and am 11 years older than him. He wanted to meet that night. I couldn’t my great niece and nephew were spending the night. I told him I could Sunday, 4/17, but I knew it was Easter, so he would probably have plans. No, he was having lunch with his daughter, but he could meet at 4:00 at Sonoma Wine Bar. I thought, right, I’m going to drive all of this way, and as soon as he sees how old I am, he’s going to want to leave. I’ll tell him if he doesn’t like me, he doesn’t have to stay the whole hour, just let me finish my glass of wine. We didn’t stop talking until 3 am in the morning. After 11 hours, I told him he had better go home, he had an early morning meeting. For the next 10 months, it was unbelievable. Then on 2/28/18 at 7:45 pm at Sonoma Wine Bar, Nick broke up with me. Sweetest breakup I’ve ever had. He had on a new suit, had bought me a computer, and the second I walk around the corner to him, he stands up and gives me the huge kiss, “I’d rather take you to bed, than breakup with you!” He then goes on to tell me his therapist has told him to end the relationship with me, he is too newly divorced. He doesn’t need to be with anybody, he needs to stay out of a serious relationship for at least a year or two, so Nick and I break up. I lie to him and tell him I agree, he needs to date and see what he finds. I wish him the best, and tell him I hope he meets someone he’s in love with, because it’s obvious he just loves me, not in love. It breaks my heart, because I am more in love with than I have been with anyone in my life. I was married for 33 years. I loved my husband very much, but wasn’t ever in love with him. He had died of cancer on my birthday, 9/22/14. Justin had committed suicide, a heroin addict, on 12/14/15. Now, here the love of my life left me too. No one, I have no one. But, I keep laughing, keep helping people. I love strangers, and love to make people laugh, even it’s for a minute. Beats the hell out of crying, right? Go on senior bus trips, etc. On 10/18/18, I become the star of the Trump Rally in downtown Houston. Out of 80,000 people, cameras, the press, everyone are following me around. WTH? Interviewed by the Foreign Press, The New York Times, etc. A local tv station interviews me. “My God, I sound like a Southern Belle on cocaine, and what was I thinking with that hair? I do look okay though, I’m not that wrinkled. Oh, I wish I had worn less makeup and blue pants” I stood 6′ from Trump after I barged through the Secret Service guy. People were letting me cut in front of them. Fast forward to stores. Everywhere I go, strangers are telling me I’m just bathed in love and light, or you’re an angel. Some kids will just stare at me. Babies will look at me and start laughing. I always just laugh at them. Some of the moms tell me their babies never do that to anyone. When coming out of Home Goods on Christmas Eve, a woman starts honking at me. I thought, oh I’ve walked out in front of her, I’ll apologize. When I get to the car, she’s laughing said she just had to get my attention, I’m absolutely adorable. Happens a lot. Even when Nick came back out last December, he said, I can’t describe it, you just look like “love”. He and I now text often. On May 4, 2019, at 4:00 pm he texted, Ok basically I want to you to be a big part of my life”. He’s met me for a church a couple of times. Came out one time so I could pray with him. He’s lots of issues to. I told him to seek God in a real way, not focus on anything but that. Seek Him, know Him. I’m am literally too sick for him to be out here right now. I can only write, that’s it. I don’t want him to see how horrible I look it might scare him. I’m almost positive I have scleradoma, an autoimmune disease like vitiligo, fibromyalgia, etc. Nick’s mother, Rose, died from it after suffering for 10 years. It is a horrible, insidiously painful disease. I can vouch for that, I’ve never been in such pain in my life. Over 100 symptoms, it overwhelms the best of specialists. I already have vitiligo, fibromyalgia, thyroid symptoms, etc. The key to the scleradoma is my face. I keep looking younger and younger. My cheekbones are more prominent like in my 30’s. Some people think I’m 40 in pictures when you can’t see my wrinkles up close. Looking at my pictures over the last few years, I can see the changes – no way. Now, my face is actually starting to feel tight, as my neck and shoulders. I sob for two hours realizing how my Rosie must have suffered. But she had her husband and 3 sons. I have no one, what will I do? I don’t want to tell Nick, it would scare the hell out of him. Even though God tells me I’m going to be a bestselling author, will establish nonprofits, will be a celebrity, basically, I sure can’t “see” it right now. I’m struggling to make it to the next hour without killing myself. I sob most of the day. My bowels are not moving. I’m not sleeping. I’m screaming. So how in the hell am I supposed to get the faith that I will be completely healed by 8/1/19??? How? My symptoms are getting worse, not better. I’m begging, begging God to kill me, but He won’t. He won’t even give me one physical sign that I may be healed. Nothing is better, nothing. I’m struggling to make it through the day, not the next 20 years. I don’t care about any friggin’ books, Nick anything. I have never had anything good in my life happen, even though I’ve never given up or stopped helping people. I always laugh about it. Even when I had a headache so severe for five years, a 10 24/7, I couldn’t commit suicide right. Took 150 pills, a bottle of vodka my husband bought and we killed me. No, I woke up 2 days later with same headache. Went on to take care of my husband until he died of cancer. How I did I, I have no idea. Justin had totally spiraled out of control was now a heroin addict. Never quit trying to help people in stores, laughing with people. Screaming, crying at home. But this time, Violet’s done, overdone. No more laughing, only crying. Begging God to have mercy on me and left me die humanely, begging, begging. So, why I’m I writing this? Of course, I woke up, to the same pain, but a tiny bit of improvement. I see all of the unnatural signs He keeps throwing saying He’s not done. He sent me a real literary agent on 6/12. He sent a book publisher on 6/22. Every day, something new is revealed to me about my attitude. Changing, but nothing physical. No more doctors, done. Can’t even get to one. Done. Did buy some organic Aloe Vera, and high grade, refrigerated organic probiotics, organic food, mineral oil, no more reading on the internet, no more listening to anyone’s medical advice, hell they know way less than me, only care about me, throwing something out. But, I know, God’s speaking to me. Strangers have told me without me saying a thing, “that man is going to want to marry you”, “you’re the light of his life”, “he adores you”, etc. Strangers ask me if my name is Rose. Even my surgeon before an endoscopy says, She should have been named Rose. I bet her parents wanted to name her that. I asked him why he said it, he says I don’t know. He walks over to me and I quickly tell him about meeting Rose at the her grave. He doesn’t laugh at me, just says, Roses for a rose for a rose. Okay, Angel put her to sleep. Angel?? Oh, would you hold my hand? i’m scared to go to sleep. Angel says, of course, now go to sleep baby angel. The nurse had told me about 10 mins before that she had just named her baby girl Violet. She’s always loved the name. People told her it was too old fashioned, but she loves it. She hopes her Violet grows up to be just like me. Now, what are the chances of that? God orchestrated that, so Violet wouldn’t be scared of what she might learn, that she had esophogeal cancer. Of course, I didn’t, everything is fine. Marcie Okungade, a powerful Christian woman, who I don’t know, adores Violet. She started following my stories on my FB page Violet Joyner Pierce. I know have over 1150 friends, most are following my stories. I have friends now from all over the world. I haven’t even told this story yet. Might write a book just on unnatural signs, hearing God’s voice, something like that. Marcie gave me the prophesy on 5/25/19…Go with high expectancy, for God is to work miracles in your life, and healing in your body. Let God heal your body, and your soul Just like the woman who knew if she could only touch the hem of his garment, she will be healed. Hallejuah! Let God heal you completely. I love you, I will heal you, Violet. God. Marcie is an uneducated loving black woman in WF, Tx who has a heart as big as Texas. Marcie has started a prison ministry. I publicly committed on FB on 6/23, when I get rich I will give Marcie $150,000 for her ministry. I also told David Fowler, a disabled man in WF, I will give him $150,000 to help feed the homeless. David has a huge heart for the homeless, coordinates with churches, gets donations, and actually cooks for the homeless every day. As he says, he cooks them real good food. God bless Marcie and David, they are Lightworkers, just like me. I have promised God with whatever he blesses me with, I will give him 90% to show Him how much I appreciate Him blessing me. I want to start as many nonprofits as I can before I leave this earth. The first, The Justin Pierce Foundation – A Place of Hope, will be a nonprofit that will offer resources to counselors, half way houses, etc. to get inner city youth off of drugs. There are far too many young inner city youth either on drugs or relatives, etc. are addicts. This is the biggest travesty of inner cities, drugs. That is also why I support 100% the We Build The Wall effort, led by Brian Kolfage, and supported by President Trump. Illegal drugs, human sex trade, etc. are coming over the border. The Juarez Drug Cartel was bringing in about $300,000 of illegal drugs daily just at Sunland Park, NM. Brian has now gotten 3 miles of wall built. They are stopping at least 30 drug cartel every day. The Border Patrol can respond in 20 seconds, where before it took 30 mins. They are stopping it, people, they are stopping it. Forget the individuals wanting to live here, there are plenty getting over. But, if America doesn’t want to become a third world country, they had better get that border protected. Our children, our grandchildren are being killed daily. Facts, not opinions. You ought to read the stories of real families in New Mexico and Arizona whose children have been killed. You can bet your bottom dollar they are donating to We Build The Wall, not giving opinions on FB if the wall should have been built, is it any good, etc. Such nonsense! Trump is smart, that border wall is the best high tech wall ever built. Can stop more than ever before. Built it In 4 days for $4 million a mile. The Corps of Army Engineers predicted at least 2 years, $20 million a mile. It would have never happened, politicians would have never passed it. But, We Build The Wall is being paid for by donations from American people, all classed, all races, all ages. Because those of us that really love the Unites States of America, want to live in the USA, not some third world country. My God, I just realized I wrote a book….and, I haven’t even touched the iceberg, honey! Hey, ya’ll so is all of this imagination or is is some real gift? Oh, I have also become the Doggy Whisperess…my energy is so strong, I can literally control my two wildly untrained dogs in a minute. I talk to them scold them, run my hand over them. My little 5 lb out of control snarling chihuahua is putty in my hands. She will roll over. Both are totally obsessed in love with me. When I touch them they start jumping, almost squealing in delight. The other morning, there were two fighting outside cats on my porch. They live across the street. They are horribly jealous of each other and territorial. Cats can’t be controlled like dogs. I have always been a dog person. But, I thought, I will try this. Went out on the porch talking to them and scolding them. They stopped fighting, looking at me, not knowing what to do. One went into the flower bed. No, I told you two to make up and get along. Your brother and sister, you need to defend each other. Now, makeup and go home. They walked side by side across the street. LOL,, I’ve never done this in my life. When I get really brave I’ll try a very calm


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