How do I develop my own psychic abilities as a telepath?

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    I recently discovered that I have a psychic ability of my own which I sort of sensed a couple of years ago, I was born on a very special day 19/01/1985 under Capricorn star sign, my life path number is 7?


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    I believe we are all psychic. It’s a innate human ability. Some of pay attention to it, acknowledge it, – and some of us don’t. Anybody can develop it to the level of professional psychic. You just need the guts and the willingness to do the work. While you may experience minor abilities naturally, to really reach that next level of awareness, control, accuracy, and spiritual development, most people need some type of structured training. Dale offers that on this site: psychic training course. If you are serious, jump in and get some training here. Or, search around and find something else that you feel is a better fit for you. Just watch out, because there’s a lot of garbage out there. The main point: don’t just dabble: do something with it, develop it, strengthen it, learn how to use it to help yourself and others, go as far as you can with it!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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