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    I think I am going mad and I don’t know what to do. There is this guy I am in love with for over a year or two. I don’t know if I should make a move or continue with a friendship. Can you please let me know if he’s interested romantically in any way. I feel like we have a lost connection because we always seem to be interested each other. His name is Conor if that helps. Does he have feelings or plans towards me in near/far future?

    Thank you lots I’m sorry for disturbing in any way, I just think I am holding on too long, I don’t know if it’s either good to let go or continue winning his heart.


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    Well its certain things are not moving quickly and sometimes in life things don’t move and give us the validation that we are seeking on our rime and in fact their own time. You mentioned you feel as though you are holding on to long. I have to ask you first did you communicate these feelings you have for Conor to him yet? If so what was the outcome his response? Also if you feel you are holding on to long than that is your intuition and to be honest you should take a moment of silence maybe weigh out the positive and negative of this relationship. Continue to ask yourself what you really want out of this and find out if he has a mutual feeling. What I’m getting is your waiting for a response from him and to be honest if you didn’t get it yet your probably not going to. If someone wants something they are going to go after it BOTTOM LINE. You shouldn’t have to wait and hold onto anything. I think once you began meditation on this relationship and understand the positives, negatives and his way of communication and if hes communicating feelings if he has any which seem to be not there. You will align yourself and tune in to what you intuition is telling you and let it go, move forward. So many others out there that will not have you holding on or waiting or guessing because they will want you and be sure to let you know that and how they feel. The validation your looking for 😉


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    He is interested in you. There’s not much action taking place due to something that was severed in the past. He thinks you know where to take it. So yes, you need to make a move.


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    Invite him for a nice dinner. Candles and wine. During dinner, discuss what you like about him. Tell him you value him as a friend but you must confess sometimes you feel more than friendship. If he says just friends, tell him you value his friendship and if that is all he wants, fine. My intuition tells me he is waiting for you to make the move. He is shy? He has been hurt?

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