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    Hi, guys, gals, and Apache helicopters, I am what is said to be an “Indigo Child/Adult” (I am in late teens, so both are accepted), yet I haven’t had any precognitive dreams for months now, and I haven’t been able to calm down as much, but the stress I have now isn’t any different compared to months ago. I can still see auras, yet they look more faded. Any help or advice would be appreciated, my friends.

    (NOTE: I recently found something helpful you can buy online or in select stores that helps energize you physically, mentally, and surprisingly subconsciously. It is called Yerba Mate. I find the Argentine/Argentinian Yerba Mate works the best, although it’s up to your taste and how your body handles it. It’s even said to be more nutritious than green tea, with better, healthier caffeinated effects than a soda. Basically, Yerba Mate is nature’s energy drink.)


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    What exactly do you want to develop?

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