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    Hi my name is jeorgia I’m 27 from california and I need some kind of guidance. Iv been searching everywhere online for 4 months for free guidance and noone will help unless I have money.
    I don’t understand what’s going on but I feel some kind of shift or something inside of me. And I’m so emotionally drained and I don’t know where to go for guidance so I’m happy I found this beautiful place lifeleap where I at least feel at home. So if anyone can give me direction please contact me I’d highly apreshate it. Thank you for your time and god bless you and your loved ones :))


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    With the shift, I do get a psychic sense it’s somewhat of a awakening. Maybe sensing reality on a deeper level. Ever seen the first Matrix movie? Different things can bring these things on sometimes: stress, trauma, sometimes just happens.

    My psychic hunch is that you are now more sensitive. More tuned into to other peoples feelings, to intuition, to a spiritual presence, to nature, to life. I say “go with it”

    I get a very independent sense off of you. Maybe there are issues with authority. Money is also an issue. I get a psychic pull towards you helping people at a small business. Maybe it’s something fitness related. It really feels like it’s time for you to get focused on getting yourself grounded financially, your home, you future goals, etc. Watch out for falling into the “role” of the “broke philosopher!”

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