HELP: I need understanding of partners past to help him heal

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    My significant other and I have a very interesting dynamic to our relationship, we have only known each other a short time 1.5 yr but we are planning our lives together. He is a very complicated soul; he has had a very rough family life. He is from a family with 9 kids 7 of them are adopted him included. two of his brothers died one of them to suicide. He is an incredible man but there are issues in our relationship that cause strain and distance. he has opened up to me a great deal about very painful events in his past and the particularly difficult relationship he has with his Mother but I feel there is more for me to know in order to understand him. I think he may not even understand what he really is feeling. I would like to understand his past and how that has effected him and I would like to know what I can do what he needs me to do in order to help him heal? Is there something in his past that he has repressed that keeps him from being able to move on from his painful past? I know there are probably a lot of people needing help and I appreciate this site and the help that goes on Please I need help and guidance so I can help the man I love heal….. he is so worth it.


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    The best thing you can do is pray for him. He is living in ego, and is in too much pain to even try to start to heal himself. He needs to learn to love himself before that can even happen. Show him love, support, as best as you can. His healing has to come from within his own self. But you can Definetly be there for his ride


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    I sense he has abandonment issues. He fears being left but also is afraid to give his heart completely as he feels people have tricked him. I also sense he is uncomfortable when things are going too nicely as he fears the other shoe will drop.

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