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    Hi, would like to introduce myself, I’m Lori

    I had a gipsy come up to me whilst I was running errands today, I initially thought she was going to try and sell me something, but she didn’t, she was just very eager to tell me that I had a higher purpose and that the reasons I was seeing the number 111 or 1111 everywhere is because I’m not following the signs and not to ignore those signs as I’m indigo, with a gift and I need to get on with my life’s purpose. She wouldn’t take any money from me, weird thing is I’ve been looking up synchronicity over the past few weeks as I have been seeing the number 1 everywhere, so that’s what’s led me to this site, am hoping I’ll get some answers.

    Coincidence, or something more…I’d be interested in what you think

    Looking forward to hearing from you


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    Hi Lori,

    That’s an interesting encounter. I’ve also been seeing repeating numbers recently. Hope you’re able to find some insight into this soon.

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