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      I was told by his best friend that the guy I was seeing had a “ love of his life “ GF x 5 yrs. his friend did not know he and I were dating on line, red flag, I was hurt and mad we were talking marriage and business ideas
      So I blocked him on social media. After not answering iMessages or calls sends an email. Telling me how stupid I am for allowing one drunk man to mess with life or ours? His truth is she is His assistant.. all he said was No !! dismissed other feelings ; my heart broke felt sad and second guessing decision.(I have not answered email). Did I choose the right thing by blocking him ?


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        I’m not sure exactly what you are asking, but when I focus on him, I do get a sense he has crossed over boundaries. I can’t say if he’s in love with someone else, but I don’t get a sense he’s exclusively committed to you. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I see of string of “loser” types that you let into your life over the last few years. How would you feel about raising your standards a bit, and weeding out the people who aren’t going to just take and take, without ever giving anything back to you, or to the relationship? I’m getting that now is a good time to get your guard up – to be wary of the wolves. Maybe time to do some inner healing/strengthening. Also, who’s in north carolina, USA? Is that you or him?


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          I’m learning conversations and communication and how you manage your Emotions if you’re able to is what makes or breaks relationships I probably myself would’ve done the same thing. But reading your story help me realize that shutting off your phone or blocking people from everything it’s not the right way to do things keep your head up ma’am thank you for sharing.

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