Have I already met the love of my life/twin flame? Does he love me?

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    Would love your thought and insights into the following situation.

    We met 1.5 years ago by chance Oct 19, 2015 eve. Before he walked into my place of work, I sensed (a knowing)…the thought said someone is going to walk in here tonight. To which I whispered, and I’m not ready. Half hour later, he walked in. We exchanged a few cordial words, gave him our card. As he left, I said to myself, he’s going to come back and I don’t know that the hell I’m going to do. Well…Half hour later he reappeared, took a deep breath and said he thought I was absolutely gorgeous, was taught in business school that he’d miss out on 100% of chances he didn’t take, he’s not a client so he can date me…then asked me out. Sigh. We met so naturally, so serendipitous. We did go out a few times. He is a male version of me. We think the same way though our approach to life varies slightly, our upbringing parallels, no one person’s enthusiasm, acceptance and hunger for life has ever matched mine. But I got scared because of my own insecurities and some variables like him being ten years my junior and the guilt of robbing him of a bright future. So we parted ways. Fast forward 1.5 years later, a chance reconnection ensued and we met. It was as if time stood still and we picked up where we left off. I never expected our meeting this second time would take on the life form that it did, for me anyways. I looked at it as a second chance, a fresh start, and that this time I will not hold back my true feelings…I told him I loved him, he said he wasn’t ready for it. I told him that if I can’t have all of him, then I don’t want any of him. And so after a brief reconnection, we parted again. Both times, I instigated. His last words were are you sure? I said nothing. Inside, I was dying.
    Admittedly, I’m too proud. I feel so empty inside. I can’t sleep and wake multiple times throughout the night. I feel at a loss without him. His birthday is 11/27/1989. Mine is 05/17/1979.

    Please advise. My sincere thanks.


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    124 Conjunction Mercury – Uranus

    Positive aspect: Few clouds in this relationship, at least on an intellectual level. You both have a good intellectual understanding, take pleasure in being together and in discussing and exchanging ideas. Together, you both can come up with unique and creative ideas and solutions to problems.

    111 Trine Sun – Saturn

    Positive aspect: You are a couple you can call stable. You both would will lead your life together quietly, with friendship slowly replacing love. He will dominate you – as is only natural – but then you might find this difficult to accept. In any case, as you like to feel secure, He is a perfect partner.

    108 Trine Sun – Jupiter

    Positive aspect: You make a couple People like to be with. You are both are charming together, agreeable and know how to entertain your Friends generously and warmly. You go well together, and love each other in a discrete and sincere way, and appreciate the joys of life together.

    -105 Square Sun – Saturn

    Challenging aspect: There can be difficulties feeling free in one another’s presence. Sometimes He can be too rigid or He might prefer a quiet, uneventful life, while you want to be freer and more spontaneous. This requires work – be careful not to restrict or rain on one another’s parade too often.

    101 Conjunction Jupiter – Saturn

    Positive/Supportive aspect: This is not a defining element of compatibility, but it is supportive. A favorable union, a joyful Family life. Thanks to you, as a couple you would rarely enter any adventure lightly and instead tends to work out and think things through. Many plans may be made together.

    97 Trine Venus – Venus

    Positive aspect: Complete respect for each other’s romantic style. You both don’t easily offend each other and instinctively understand what makes the other person happy. Conflicts arise, but they are generally smoothed over with ease, as there is good will between them. Very good aspect for a successful union. Love, gaiety, understanding.

    80 Conjunction Mars – Saturn

    Positive aspect: A life together with few problems. Love tends to develop into friendship. In a broad sense, you both understand each other and go well together. Your relationship can be a little routine at times, and there may be some self-consciousness with each other.

    This is one indication that you would be faithful to one another.

    61 Trine Mars – Mars

    Positive aspect: A life together in which each will desire the other and satisfy each other’s sexual needs. Frustration levels tend to be minimal, and this helps you as a couple develop a pleasant atmosphere between you both. You both may do great things together or simply inspire one another.

    57 Trine Venus – Mars

    Positive aspect: This is a union that is particularly based on physical understanding, passionate love. There is a lot of affection between the both of you, and you both need to express it physically. Plenty of attraction here.

    -55 Opposition Sun – Uranus

    **IMPORTANT**Challenging aspect: Here is an aspect that is one factor speaking against long-term understanding. At the beginning, you both appreciate each other a lot and derive pleasure from being together but, quite quickly, this life can become conflict-ridden. There can be inconsistency or an on-off quality to the relationship. ==>This can work but it requires a lot of freedom and effort.<== (Its in the stars :P)



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    Thank you 🙂 Fingers crossed, our future reconnection occurs naturally again, and this time, love perfected, casts away all fear.

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