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    We have been trying for 6+ years to have a baby. Is it something that will happen for us soon?


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    I’m still getting a psychic sense it can happen, but you might need to make some changes. Nervousness, anxiety, and controlling energy doesn’t help at creating a good environment for fertility. Consider doing more to take better care of yourself, reduce stress, and get control over your emotions. This lack of pregnancy feels to me like more of an emotional block, rather than a physical issue. If you can’t figure out how to make these changes, get some help (but not pharms). There are solutions on this site.


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    I sense a child but remember kids come in all ways. Some are bio, some high tech, some adopted and some foster. I also sense a lot of tension. When I was so focused on trying to get pregnant sex lost a lot of the fun. Explore options then pursue by relax a little and don’t loose your partner’s romance in quest for child.

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